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How hard should I work?

As you start your academic life, you will attend many seminars on research.  Yet, few seminars will discuss with you how hard you should work.

In this post, I am going to point you to a book that is not about what you will write in your thesis.  Nor is the book about how you should write your thesis. The book is about how you should manage your time

A simple plugin to allow you to share your Word bibliography with colleagues and students

The bibliography in Word is lovely - except for one feature. Every reference is stored in the same file (sources.xml). To share a partial bibliography with colleagues and students, you have two choices: send them your entire sources.xml file to append to their own, or, to send the a Word document and let them put the references into their bibliography by hand.

A simple Word plugin in eases your pain. More follows . . .

What is a good work rate for a young academic or PhD student?

I think we all feel anxious about how much work we should be doing; and whether our supervisors are pushing us hard enough, or too hard. An old but very useful study of exactly how academics spend their time, and how high performers differ from struggling performers, is essential reading. Here is my summary of Boice (2000).

The job is not finished "until the money is in the bank"

You job is not finished until your paper is published. So plan when and how you will publish from the get go!

Academic Productivity

Looking for sane advice from successful academics about how much to work and how to get done?

How much can I realistically write in one hour?

I'd like to know from you how long it takes you to write a single page.

Once, I made a special effort to ask all the prolific publishers in my university how long they take to write a page.

Without hearing each other's answers, they all said - About an hour - provided I have all the material and have written something similar before.

An hour per page - for experienced writers, for confident writers.  On subjects they know well and have written about before.  On material which has no gaps.

First trial of ScholarWriter

Early reports from our first trial suggest Scholarwriter is going well.

The tracking facilities in ScholarWriter help writers get back to work in the bitty time slots of the start of the academic year. It is satisfying to work on a small piece of work and have something to show for each day even if the working window has been crowded with admin.

We've also learned a bit about what users can do without going on the course and which errors an untrained user might make and pay dearly for in time.


A forum for users of ScholarWriter

Today, we launch an online forum for users of ScholarWriter. Do drop by if you have an issue, or want to describe a clever hack.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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