Welcome to the online forum of ScholarWriter.

What is ScholarWriter for?

ScholarWriter is software to manage notes, primary references, outlines and bibliographies for writing dissertations, theses and long reports.

How was Scholarwriter written?

ScholarWriter is written in Drupal, an open source content management framework over a portable server, Uniform Server.

How do I use ScholarWriter?

ScholarWriter is distributed on USB memory sticks and is used directly onto the stick or by copying it into a folder on your harddrive.

How do I get a copy of ScholarWriter?

ScholarWriter is distributed through training courses sponsored by Universites.

What do I learn in the Training Course?

The training course walks authors through the most important functions of ScholarWriter including daily backups. At the end of the course, participants are able to

  • Import and export bibliographies to and from services and software such as Endnote and Word
  • Import pdf files
  • Take notes with a pdf file on one screen and notes on the other
  • Cross-reference notes to the bibliography
  • Slot notes into the outline of a long document
  • Insert pages in long document
  • Print all or part of a long document
  • Export a long document to Word for editing
  • Back up

Who runs the training courses?

The training courses are organized by ScholarWriter, a venture of Rooi Limited who are a private R&D company based in north Bucks, England, United Kingdom.

Who can I speak to about arranging a training course?

In the first instance, speak to people inside the university responsible for supporting researchers and research students.  That is, ask your Faculty Librarian, your Professor, Head of Department or Chairperson, or the student support services whether ScholarWriter is already available and if not, whether they could contact us on your behalf.

Further information and bookings

Jo Jordan

ScholarWriter: A venture of Rooi Limited

9B West Street
United Kingdom

If you prefer to discuss your inquiry over the telephone, we are happy to call you back.  Please provide a number or Skype handle in your email for us to call you back and suggest suitable dates and times (remember to tell us your time zone).