Course Arrangements

Rooi Limited offers a two day training course for up to 30 participants, who are active researchers, and who write long documents based on many primary references.

The course contents are listed here.


We are normally engaged directly by an university or research institution who select the participants for the course.  We recommend including one Librarian, one IT person preferably with some interest in Drupal, and one person responsible for the support of researchers to balance 27 active researchers.


  • We supply a USB stick containing a vanilla copy of ScholarWriter and a booklet with detailed course notes for each participant. 
  • The course is lead by Jo Jordan who is intimately familiar with ScholarWriter and who has over 20 years' experience teaching and supervising research in Universities and doing commission research in the public & private sectors.
  • We ask the University or research institution to provide a suitable venue and a Windows PC for each participant including zip or other compression software.
  • Ideally, the room should also have facilities for Powerpoint.

User forum

Rooi Limited maintains the website you are presently reading as a forum for users of ScholarWriter.  Once the engaging institution has confirmed the booking and supplied us with the email addresses, we send out emails to participants notifying them of the forum and offering them a link to log in and to set up unique usernames and passwords.

Bookings & Costs

The Contact form on this website is the easiest way to reach us quickly.  If you prefer to discuss arrangements on the telephone, please include telephone numbers (or Skype handles) for us to call you back with suitable times and your time zone.

The fees for the course are £5000.00 + VAT.  Our fees include

  • Prior support and ongoing support
  • Copies of ScholarWriter on a USB stick for each participant
  • A spare vanilla copy for the institution
  • Detailed course notes for each participant
  • Delivery of the two day course for up to 30 participants chosen by you

Travel costs and hotel accommodation and other out-of-pocket expenses are chargeable and agreed with you prior to the confirmation of the booking.


  • We require the full payment of our fees as a deposit in advance of the course. 
  • We will refund your payment immediately should Rooi Limited be unable to fulfil its obligations for any reason including force majeure.
  • Should you need to postpone a course, we will do everything possible to assist you to re-schedule and to mitigate any out-of-pocket expenses that you had agreed to cover.