A simple plugin to allow you to share your Word bibliography with colleagues and students

What you can, and cannot, do with Word’s bibliography

This post is for ScholarWriters who use Word and the bibliography in the References feature of Word

As you know, you are able to

  • Store references in Word
  • Set your bibliographic style (APA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Link to powerful bibliographic programmes such as Endnote
  • Insert citations into your text
  • And automatically generate a list of references at the end of a document

What you are not able to do in Word, and this becomes quite annoying, is to share parts of you bibliography. You can make a partial bibliography and send a Word document to a colleague or student and they may have the pleasure of retyping all the references into the bibliography on their version of Word. Or, you can send your complete bibliography including all the references for all the papers you have written since you last installed Word.  A lot of noise and a lot of clutter.

How to send a partial bibliography so your colleague does not need to retype it

Fortunately, Ritesh Agrawal has written a Memento plugin to solve our problem.  After you have installed this plugin, a link “Memento” appears after “Developer” in the top ribbon of your Word. When you select “Memento”, you are given the choice to export a bibliography or to import a bibliography from a website or a text file.

If your colleague or student has also installed Memento on their copy of Word, all you have to do is

  1. Generate your list of references in Word as you usually do
  2. Select Memento and Export
  3. Highlight the references you want to export (each and every one)
  4. Select a format (but use one which Memento uses to input)
  5. Send the file to your colleague (and tell them which format you output)
  6. Send them the Word (.doc) file as well so they can read what you sent them without any markup

Your colleague is now able to import the file into their bibliography without a painfully time-consuming operation.  

Why do to install Memento

A simple way to save your colleagues a lot of time and clutter. 

  • Install Memento
  • Persuade your colleagues and students to install it too.
  • And use it to send selected bibliographies to colleagues that they can import directly into their bibliographies.

Of course, if your colleagues don’t want to install Memento, they can have the pleasure of inputting the references into their bibliography by hand!