Academic Productivity

When I was a young academic, which you probably are if you are reading this post, I used to feel starved for some sane and sensible advice on how to be an academic.  I had no real sense of what should be my priorities, or what were realistic goals to achieve.

As I checked the internet for technical references to do with ScholarWriter, I stumbled this double post about academic productivity. Looking back over my career, their advice makes sense to me.

  • Understand that Universities vary in their expectations – excepting that every university expects you to pull much more than a 40 hour week
  • Do your current job well while you develop your research profile for the next job
  • Though no one is ever promoted for teaching, teaching and research go hand–in–glove; and because teaching is more immediate and sociable, it keeps you sane while you work on research which has a much longer, indeed very long, feedback loop.

I recommend you read both posts. They are a quick read and a pleasant read.  I am sure they will take you far toward feeling centred and balanced.