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ScholarWriter is a forum. By definition, people interact with each other and know each other's concerns. We trust though you will take care not to place on the forum any information that might be abused and that you will not abuse information others placed on the site.

Normal precautions

As a precaution, we do not put email addresses in full view. 

Appropriate business

ScholarWriter is intended though for writers of long documents with many primary references.  Matters that have nothing to do with using ScholarWriter probably do not belong here.

Nonetheless, not many people write long documents with many primary references and we are happy to host announcements for meetups, unconferences, conferences, public lectures, etc., that are of service to people in this select community.

Cookies and EU Privacy Law

We do operate under EU privacy law and remind you that we use cookies and ask for your explicit permissiion before you enter the site as reader or user.

Terms & Conditions

As usual, we ask you not to use this site unless you agree with our Terms & Conditions and this Privacy Policy.


Please direct any questions to us at ScholarWriter.