Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the online forum for ScholarWriter, software for writing large documents with many primary sources.

Users of the forum, frustrated and otherwise

This forum is run by users of the software for users of the software.  Most people will pose a question when they are feeling frustrated.  Please be patient with them.

Pose questions so they can be answered

Equally, as everyone here is in the business of writing dispassionate research papers backed with traceable evidence, please pose your question in a way that it can be answered.  It helps to contain your frustration, state what you are trying to achieve (user case), what you have done so far, and the negative results or errors that you have been getting back.

Backing up, safety, ownership

ScholarWriter software is built on the open source software of Drupal and Uniform Server. The licences of both carry forward.  The software is distributed voetstoots and is not resaleabe.  Please ensure that you backup regularly and take care not to change settings on working copies which hold valuable research work.  Vanilla copies are available from your universities should you wish to experiment.

For sake of clarity, ScholarWriter does not own what you write using ScholarWriter.  Nor do we take any responsibility for what you write just as Microsoft does not take responsibility for what you write or don't write with Word.


We ask you to respect each other's privacy.  If you have any issues about this site and have not been able to settle your difference civilly within the forum, please address your concerns in the first instance to us at ScholarWriter.

We do use cookies, largely those in Google Analytics.  According to EU Law, we have a pop up reminding you and asking your not to use the site, as an anonymous visitor or a member of the forum unless you agree to their use.

Equally, if you have any concerns, please contact us.